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Custom Lift Spindles for Trucks

​Lift spindles for trucks are a critical part of the actual mechanics of the vehicle, and they are typically used to lift trucks or buggies to a certain height. There are many varied types of trucks, so you will need to work with a one of our professionals to find the one that is ideal for your needs.

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​How They are Used for Off-Roading and Lifting Vehicles in:

  • ​1. Toyota

    ​Our Toyota Lift Spindles are mainly used for off-roading purposes. To measure the correct height lift spindle, you will need to know how tall your overall wheel clearance needs to be. A lift spindle will be located between the upper and lower control arms.

  • 2. Chevy

    ​Chevy trucks can adapt well to our lift spindles. With most full size trucks the wheel clearance is extremely important as well as the strength of the spindle. All our spindles are custom made out of the strongest steel to ensure complete strength for full size trucks.

  • ​3. Nissan

    ​Our Nissan truck lift spindles are custom made and can fit early models IFS as well as late model IFS. Depending on the wheel clearance needed our Nissan lift spindles can accommodate almost any amount of travel required. Contact Custom Tube Works for custom measurements on early model Nissans.

  • 4. Ford

    ​Our Ford truck lift spindles are made for more of a pre-runner style f-150 or f-250 with IFS. Our custom spindles are made to specifications depending upon the amount of travel needed for wheel clearance. All our spindles are custom made out of the strongest steel to ensure complete strength for full size trucks.

​Process Used to Create these Custom Lift Spindles at Custom Tube Works:

  • ​1. Welding

    Welding is used to put together the various tubes that make up the actual lift spindle. The tubes are designed in such a way to be lightweight and strong enough to withstand heavy loads such as full size trucks.

  • ​2. Cutting

    ​The next process is cutting two or three of the tubes that make up the outer shell. This outer shell is composed of a series of small tubes connected to make one solid piece. The tube that is being cut out will be used as part of the internal mechanism.

  • ​3. Assembly

    ​The last step is to assemble everything and put it into place. The assembly process takes place right after the tubes have been cut so the pieces will all fit perfectly together.

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​Investing in your custom lift spindles for trucks will allow you to save a lot of money on a lift kit for your truck or buggy. Our spindles can be fitted onto various trucks and made custom to fit all applications, so you should have no problem finding one that is ideal for your needs. Contact us at Custom Tube Works in Vista California for all your custom lift Spindles or suspension lift kits.