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Why Toyota Tacoma pickups are good for off-roading

Toyota Tacoma pickups are a great choice for those who love off-roading. They offer a strong, reliable and durable platform to build on fair stock suspension that can help you tackle the toughest terrain. If there is 1 modification to be made to the Toyota Tacoma, it would be the “fair” suspension. With a standard strut style Bilstein shock Toyota gives you a chance off-roading, but to truly conquer the elements, including rock, sand and mud, you will need a well build long travel kit. For a robust yet highly technical Toyota Tacoma Long Travel Kit look not further then Custom Tube Works. Custom Tube Works created some of the most advanced Long Travel Kits for your Toyota Tacoma on the marker today. With these long travel kits, you can customize your Tacoma to be better suited for off-road adventures while still maintaining its everyday practicality.

Whether you’re looking to hit the trails or just want some extra ground clearance and suspension articulation, make sure to take a look at the suspension kits from Custom Tube Works. They have everything you need for an unforgettable journey.

What Makes the Toyota Tacoma Long Travel Kits Perform so Well

A good long travel kit should include components that are designed specifically for the make and model of Toyota Tacoma that you own. The kit should provide increased wheelbase length as well as additional ground clearance so that it can easily handle higher levels of articulation without compromising safety or performance. Additionally, some kits may come with extended shocks which will help improve both ride comfort and handling capabilities on rough trails. Lastly, many LT kits also offer adjustable track bars which allow you to fine tune suspension geometry in order to get just the right amount of lift depending on what kind of terrain you’re tackling.

toyota tacoma long travel upper a arm

Key Components to Toyota Tacoma Long Travel Kits

The key components of any Toyota Tacoma LTK is the extended length A-arms and shocks. This would include coil over King shocks or straight tube shocks depending on the particular kit chosen. These parts improve performance by allowing greater suspension articulation than factory parts allow which is essential when taking on difficult terrain. Additionally, they provide increased stability at higher speeds due to their improved geometry over stock arms. The extended length also gives more ground clearance so your truck won’t get hung up in deep ruts or stuck in soft sand like it would with shorter arms installed from the factory.

Finally, all of these improvements come without sacrificing ride quality since Custom Tube Works long travel kits use high quality materials and shocks. All in all, these suspension kits are a great way to take your pickup truck off-roading. With the improved suspension articulation and ground clearance, you can confidently tackle any terrain without compromising ride quality or performance. So if you’re looking for an adventure that will push your limits and give you memories to last a lifetime, invest in one of these LT kits today! You won’t regret it.


Why Choose A Custom Tube Works Suspension Kit

Custom Tube Works makes one of the most technically advanced long travel suspension kits on the market for prerunners and stock Toyota Tacomas. Due to their superior design and quality materials, Custom Tube Works suspension kits are designed specifically to increase wheelbase length and provide additional ground clearance without compromising safety or performance. Plus, King shocks provide improved ride comfort and handling capabilities even in rough terrain, while extended shocks allow for greater suspension articulation than factory parts.

Lastly, all of these components come together to make a well-built Toyota Tacoma LTK that will outperform its competitors in any situation. With Custom Tube Works long travel kits, you can take your Toyota Tacoma off-roading with confidence knowing that it has been outfitted with top of the line components for a reliable and enjoyable experience.