Decorative Modular Panels

Decorative Modular Panels are the key to transforming the style and character of your outdoor or indoor environment. Available in any custom size, and a myriad of beautiful patterns ranging from natural to geometric. All custom patterns available with setup fee for design. Design copy and CAD/SolidWorks available. Prefabricated designs also available.

  • All-temperature stable exterior grade; durable in cold and hot climates
  • No painting required to protect material integrity
Residential Applications – Versatility for indoors and outdoors
  • Outdoor Rooms
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Outdoor Living Areas
  • Patios & Decks
  • Feature Walls
  • Backlit Features
  • Focal Features
  • Facades & Cladding
  • Fencing & Fence Extensions
  • Balcony Balustrade Accents
  • Gate Accents
  • Pool & Spa Privacy Screens
  • Structure Cladding
  • Planter Boxes
  • Retaining Wall Covers
  • Bench Seats & Storage Boxes
  • Pool & Spa Equipment Enclosures
  • Utility & Bin Enclosures
  • Room Dividers
  • Home Office Screens
  • Wall Art & Wall Coverings
  • Window and Glass Door Coverings
  • Indoor Plant Walls & Planter Siding
  • Shelving Backgrounds
Commercial Applications – Agile and adaptive for a variety of locations
  • Restaurant interior decor and privacy screens
  • Outdoor patio surrounds and dividers
  • Hotel lobby decor and dividers
  • Indoor garden features
  • Seating accents
  • Bar and lounge decor and dividers
  • Recreation area decor and dividers
  • Spa privacy screens and decor
  • Shop decor and backgrounds
  • Product display structures and accents
  • Conference room decor and dividers
  • Office privacy screens
  • Office supply area screens
  • Office kitchen and dining area screens
  • Office waiting area decor and dividers
A matter of privacy.

Privacy is something you feel. It may be a level that’s right for you or something compliance-related. With CTW, you have choices — four different privacy levels designed to fit your vision for your space and keep you within code. That kind of flexibility is a real comfort when you want functional space that combines pleasing, adaptive design with suitable privacy.


CTW’s privacy options offer engineered levels of screening for personal preference – from blocking-out the neighbors to reducing visibility to the outside for things you don’t want to see, or from camouflaging something you’d prefer be less visible to limiting pet visibility.

60% Light

Light, open designs are designed less for privacy, more for partial visual partitioning and to create playful effects of light and shadow within an outdoor/ indoor space.

80% Moderate / Compliant

With a moderate to high level of privacy, these designs offer the most versatile and desired balance of privacy and ‘openness’ for many applications. The 80% privacy ratio is directly relevant to many building and boundary applications that require specific compliance. See “Screening Compliance” below.

90% High Privacy

A privacy level that compares to traditional decking timber slat screens or louvered features. The slots are of minimal width, so that at an indirect angle you cannot see through, and at a direct angle you can only see tiny slithers of light through the panel. Great for private entrances or high privacy fences. Also great for cladding and boxing features. For example cladding planter boxes or retaining walls, bench-seats, storage boxes, for pool equipment and utilities.

100% Maximum Privacy

Solid panels completely block out light and visual intrusion.

Pool Fences

Our high-privacy designs have narrow slot details making them possible options for part of a compliant, non-climbable barrier structure or pool fence. See specific details on our individual panels patterns and consult relevant authorities, codes, or a building professional.

If you already have a compliant fence or barrier, cover it with OUTDECO panels and transform the aesthetics of your pool or spa environment.

Bring on the night! LED backlighting effects add-ons available.
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