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When you’re on an off road trip for days, weeks, or months at a time, it’s inevitable that something will go wrong. It happens to us all one time or another, a broken ball joint, a snapped CV axle, or maybe even a broken steering component. You can never prepare enough for an off road trip. So don’t worry, Custom Tube Works is here to help. We provide custom long travel suspension kits for all trucks and buggies. At CTW we’ve created this post to give you all of the necessary information on long travel suspension kits and why they’re so crucial for those who off road often.

long travel suspension kits

How Our Suspension Kits Are Used

  • 1. Toyota Long Travel Suspension Kits
    Toyotas are known for their reliability and how they roll (aka, rock).  When it comes to Toyota off road suspension kits, they’re used in several different ways. We know for sure that the leveling kit gives a lot of room for common adjustments. Toyotas are also know for there excellent gearing in the T-case, which allows you to take on all sorts of terrain and makes your off-roading experience great. Our long travel kits allow those IFS rigs to make it anywhere. Our custom king shock placement also keeps you moving on rough roads.
  • 2. Chevy Long Travel Suspension Kits
    Our Chevy long travel suspension kits have a lot room for adjustments. Not only can they be used to add additional clearance to your Chevy, but they also have adjustable bump stops and set-up options. You can also customize the motion curve if you already own a kit that comes with the factory settings. These kits also come with king shock tabs so you can install a king shock kit or which ever shock system you want to go with.
  • 3. Nissan Long Travel Suspension Kits
    Nissan Long travel off-road suspension kits use shocks with adjustable dampening and ride height. This gives you the ability to add/take away air to lower or raise the shock. These long travel kits also have a grease zerk fitting that easily allows for basic maintenance and up keep of your joints.
  • 3. Ford Long Travel Suspension Kits
    Our Ford long travel suspension kits are quick and easy to install. This includes the shocks, coils, and brackets that will be what you’ll need if you want to add that little extra bit of height to your F350 or F250 trucks. Ford also uses two-stage shocks, which gives them a smooth ride, as well as adjustable shocks.

long travel kits

Process Used to Create these Custom Suspension Kits at Custom Tube Works

  • Take Some Measurements
    This allows all of the tubes we use to fit and be measured accordingly. Depending on the type of vehicle, or the type of project we’re working with, we’ll need to figure out how much room we have for all of the components that will go into creating our custom long travel suspension kits. We at Custom Tube Works can do this in just a few minutes which allows us to make sure that our customers are satisfied.
  • Weld Up Each Tube
    These suspension kits are going to be strong and take a lot of wear and tear. To make sure they don’t fail, we will make sure everything is welded correctly by professionals. After everything is put together, it will be tested out to make sure it’s working properly. If there are any issues, they will be fixed by our team of experts, and we can continue with our plans.
  • Construct the Long Travel Suspension Kits

    Once all of the components are assembled and tested, we’re able to make sure that everything is working properly. We’ll use this time to figure out all sorts of things, like what additional suspensions components would the customer like and what size wheels the customer would optimally want to use. From there, we’ll figure out things like shocks and how many of those we need to add. All of these details will be figured out by our team of experts.


    Long travel suspension kits are used to adjust the height of your vehicle so you can make sure it’s set at the perfect amount of suspension travel. These kits are also used to add extra clearance for a higher ride height and also larger tires. While all sorts of components are included in our long travel suspension kits, they’re all made here by hand at Custom Tube Works.